MITIN Maritime Innovative Territories International Network


Mitin's 6 core missions

The network intends to be both creative and practical.

It has been created by maritime territories sharing the concept of blue growth and capable of mobilizing their local networks of scientific, public and private partners with a goal: to benefit from the collective strength and intelligence of a global community while remaining aware of the concrete realities of a local economic development.

Hence, MiTiN seeks to:

  1. Provide comprehensive analysis: the network represents a diversified pool of expertise and economic and geographical situations and has members facing similar challenges and targets. The network thus possesses a collective knowledge with which best practices, techniques and development paths can be identified by taking into account territorial realities, industrial constraints and scientific knowledge
  2. Focus on proposals targeting large political, professional, scientific or international organizations (UN, IMO, European Commission, IHO...): the network can accelerate development and intervene at all steps from research to regulation to standardization to the adoption of innovations by public and private markets. In particular, it has the ability to support experimentation
  3. Act as a catalyst to set up relevant multilateral cooperation programs and actions (as in the case of maritime basins) by acting as a liaison between development policies and networks of expertise and by facilitating the funding of these actions
  4. Serve as a coordination and exchange tool to help coordinate public policies, development strategies and programs (economy, innovation, applied research) as well as academic (higher education) and professional training programs including expert, personnel, teacher and student exchange programs
  5. Promote economic development through the creation, setting up and networking of companies (by implementing partnerships, Joint Ventures...) in particular to meet the needs of emerging and developing countries and markets in regard to technical skills and resources
  6. Serve as a promotion, communication and exchange platform in particular through international events organized by the network’s territory members.