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This activity aimed at capitalising data from the current programming period (2007-2013) in the marine bio-resources' sector, and avoiding duplication of actions that might already have been done by other projects at EU or national levels.

Led under the coordination of University of Algarve (Portugal), it was structured into 5 main actions:


- the Creation of Local action groups;

The Local Action Groups were stablished with the main aim to contribute to project actions and outputs, including the identification of specific and relevant stakeholders
to be engaged in the project development, identification of the main local, national and European initiatives and the dissemination of AtlanticBlueTech’ objectives and results.


- the Study of interaction opportunities and co-activities with the other sectors of the blue economy;

The objective of this action was to identify possible interactions between the marine bio-resources sector and other sectors within Blue Economy. With this objective, the partnership identified 26 project ideas for cross-sectors interaction. These projects connect 7 maritime sectors.


- the Identification of existing policies at local, regional and national levels & the identification of national and EU projects;

The main goal of this action was the analysis of different projects dealing with the marine bio-resources to establish a balance of initiatives already undertaken, to build the AtlanticBlueTech main concerns taking into account their main conclusions.


- the Organisation of a seminar to publicly present the results of the activity.

On the 28th May 2014, OCEANO XXI and University of Algarve organized the AtlanticBlueTech capitalisation seminar entitled "Marine Bioresources: Opportunities and Interactions across Sectors as a conclusive action".




> Report full version, January 2015

> Capitalisation Seminar, May 2014

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