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In a very short period of time, partners organised a preparatory meeting and 4 official Atlantic Blue Tech meetings, either private, either public-private. They took place in 4 out of the 5 countries of the European Atlantic Area: Ireland, Portugal, France and Spain.

- Preparatory meeting, September 2013, France

- Kick-off meeting, February 2014, Ireland

- 2nd meeting, May 2014, Portugal (alongside Forum do Mar)

- 3rd meeting, October 2014, France (alongside the Sea Tech Week)

- Final meeting and Conference, April 2015, Spain


Preparatory meeting, September 10th-11th 2013, Brest, France

This meeting was organised on September 10th and 11th  in order to fully agree on the proposal that was submitted on the 27th. After a full day of work, a visit of the Oceanopolis Aquarium park. The project was approved at the end of December 2013, and officially started in January 2014.


Kick-off meeting, February 4th-5th 2014, Galway, Ireland

The kick-off meeting took place in Ireland. It was private i.e. only concerning the project partners because of the lack of time to organise a public event. The main objective of this meeting was to get more in the details of the application form and schedule the work to be done by the end of the project.

Programme | Pictures (meeting) | Pictures (visit of the NUIG lab)


2nd meeting, May 28th-29th 2014, Porto, Portugal

The second meeting was organised alongside Forum do Mar, organised in Porto, from May 28th-30th. Partners organised the Capitalisation seminar promoting the results of the first activity developed "Capitalisation of former projects and initiatives" also know as "Looking back".

Overall Programme

Capitalisation Seminar agenda | Presentations | List of participants | Pictures


3rd meeting, October 13th-15th 2014, Brest, France

The thirs meeting was organised alongside the Sea Tech Week event, in Brest, France, from October 13th to 17th. Partners organised the first Joint Transnational Body meeting; and a workshop on the "Drivers and barriers to the development of Blue biotech SMEs".


> Workshop "Drivers and barriers to the development of Blue biotech SMEs"

Programme | Presentations | List of participants | Pictures


> Joint transnational body meeting #1

Programme | List of participants | Minutes | Pictures



Final meeting & Conference, April 28th-30th, Cadiz, Spain

Save the Date | Full Programme online | Full Programme (PDF) | Speakers | Joint Transnational Body programme | Presentations



> Joint transnational body meeting #2

Programme | List of participants | Minutes | Pictures


This event was labelled by the European Maritime Days.