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Drivers and barriers

This activity understood the drivers of development and innovation in the regional ecosystems of SMEs that use marine biological resources for their products, in the subsectors of interest. Among the actions developed:

- Standardised information was be collected from industry via a questionnaire defined by the partnership, with the help of a transnational body of experts.

- A study compared our development models with examples from North American competitiveness poles.

- The marine biotech market size and trends will be assessed to substantiate the business case for the development of the sector.



- Survey targeted at Atlantic SMEs & recommendations (report)

- Joint Transnational Body meeting n°1, Brest, October 2014 (report)

- Joint Transnational Body meeting n°2, Cadiz, April 2015 (coming soon)

- Comparison of innovation systems at international level (report)

- Marine biotechnologies market study (report)


Seminar "Drivers & Barriers to the development of Blue Biotech SMEs" organised alongside Sea Tech Week, Brest, October 2014

- Programme

- Presentations

- List of participants


Workshop "Blue Biotechnology - recommendations to overcome SME development barriers in the Atlantic marine biotechnology sector. Organised alonside Atlantic Stakeholder Platform event, in Porto, January 20th

- presentation from Anne-Marie Cabon, Brest métropole

- presentation from Willie Wilson, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

- workshop report

- pictures


Recommendations for entrepreneurs and public agencies from the Atlantic Blue Tech project

- printable version

- web version