2nd International Symposium “Innovation & Cooperation for Blue Growth”

Being aware that a sustainable use of the Ocean is one of the main challenges of the 21st century and requires strengthened cooperation at all levels, some 20 maritime territories created the “Maritime Innovative Territories  International Network” (MITIN) in July 2012.

MITIN rationale is to mobilize expertise in order to contribute to the implementation of a new maritime economy. A better understanding of the ocean will enable a sustainable use of its resources to address the main global challenges: food, environment, energy and development.

The Network organized its 1st symposium in Qingdao in October 2013. Entitled “Innovation & Blue Growth”, this event gathered among the best experts from the scientific, economic and public spheres including international organizations – the IOC of UNESCO, the Convention for Biological Diversity, the World Bank – to identify concrete actions on two pillars of the Blue Growth strategies: oceanography and marine bio-resources.

The second edition of the MITIN symposium will be held in Brest on October 13th 2014, in the framework of the international week of science and marine technology “Sea Tech Week”.

This edition is organized under the motto: “Innovation, Cooperation and Blue Growth”. It aims at creating synergies between initiatives carried out by MITIN members and partners, international organizations, scientific and interest networks to increase their respective impacts. Building on the results of the 2013 edition, two domains will be more particularly analysed: the applications of biotechnologies and operational oceanography. Future cooperation actions will be discussed during the conclusion session of the symposium.

Moreover, in addition to the Network symposium, conferences, workshops and booths are organized during the week. They constitute as many opportunities for the participants to pursue their exchanges on topics of interest for the Network: energy and marine renewable energies, underwater and extreme environments, use and preservation of bio-marine resources, ocean observation and cartography among others.

Thus, over one week, MITIN members and partners will benefit from a concentration of expertise to develop projects and to set up the action plans of the network for the 2014-2015 time lapses.

Sustainable development of the Ocean requires a strong cooperation between scientific, economic and public stakeholders, from the local level to the international level. These are the objectives of the 2nd MITIN symposium and of the Sea Tech Week as a whole.


Workshop 1: Operational oceanography around the world

Workshop 2: Pilot actions/barriers and possible ways to progress